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Event Name:
Fall Astronomy Day
10/18/2014 12:00 PM PDT
10/18/2014 11:00 PM PDT
Valencia Library
23743 Valencia Blvd., Valencia, CA 91355

It's time for Astronomy Day!

This year we will be having a bunch of activities and space-related talks:

12:00p: Magic meets Science - Our very own Lincoln Bond, a professional magician, will be showing how science and magic can coexist.

1:00p: How Big is Big, How Far is Far - Richard Wade teaches us about scale -- just how big dinosaurs were, and how far away the stars really are.

2:00p: How do telesopes work? Some of the most prevalent designs are explained here. Plus, kids get to make and keep their own telescope at this event!

3:00p: Explore Mars in 3D, with a presentation by Jose Rodriguez, NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador

4:00p: Dinner break

7:00p: Night Observing - Come back after dinner and look through our telescopes set up in the library parking lot.

On-going activities between Noon-4:00p:

A Messier Marathon in daylight! - A twist on our scavenger hunt, you need to find and identify some of the coolest objects in the sky.

Solar Observing - Look at our nearest star safely with experienced astronomers.

Location Info:

The Valencia branch of the Santa Clarita Public Library.


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