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Welcome to the Local Group

Welcome to the Local Group Astronomy Club of Santa Clarita, California.

Those of you visiting from the general public can access many of the features here.  All public events, articles and newsletters should be accessible to you.  When you decide to join us, the rest of the features will open up to you.  You can apply for membership right here by clicking the sign-up link in the upper right.

06/30/2016 - Vasquez Rock Star Party by: Simon Tang

Star Party

Saturday, July 2, 2016 will be the Local Group of Santa Clarita Valley’s quarterly Star Party at Vasquez Rocks. Everyone is invited to view the heavens with us and the event is free.  It should be a lot of fun with Jupiter, Mars and Saturn making an appearance.  We will begin at 6pm with setup and solar scopes.  This time we have made arrangements with the park rangers to stay a bit later because sundown isn’t until 8:30 We can observe until11:30 and then we have to be packed up and out of the gate before midnight.


Bring your scopes if you have them. Come early if you’d like help in setting up a new telescope. Our club members are very knowledgeable and can get you started.


We will be commemorating our club’s 32nd anniversary with pizza for all astronomers.  Feel free to bring snacks and desserts to share.


The weather forecast that evening is:  91 degrees, 30% humidity, 10 mph wind, clear skies.  Let’s hope it holds!


This is a perfect family summer evening activity so bring the whole crew.


For more information and directions please visit http://lgscv.org/events/250

06/17/2016 - Exploring the Night Sky by: Simon Tang

Ive only own a telescope for a short time and I still find myself going back to my camera and lens kit taking pictures of the night sky just to see what I can find.

Since I dont have a tracking mount, im not able to get cool images ... more

06/16/2016 - The Dark Side by: Simon Tang


Is this a planet? Mercury perhaps? Or is it one of the many moons of Jupiter? A heavily cratered celestial body floating in the sky.

You would actually be suprised to know that this is ... more

06/06/2016 - The Planets by: Simon Tang

The days are getting longer and the Sun just doesn't seem to go down. It's summer in sunny Southern California once again. As you still outside enjoying the breeze from a hot day, you might have noticed 2 stars appear. One almost directly above and the other to your left. ... more

04/19/2016 - From the Begining by: Simon Tang

Since I was a kid, I remember looking out my window and seeing a star that was always there before I went to bed. I use to imagine what it would be like to be at that star. What would I see? Are their even planets there? What about aliens?

... more