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Welcome to the Local Group

Welcome to the Local Group Astronomy Club of Santa Clarita, California.

Those of you visiting from the general public can access many of the features here.  All public events, articles and newsletters should be accessible to you.  When you decide to join us, the rest of the features will open up to you.  You can apply for membership right here by clicking the sign-up link in the upper right.

08/09/2016 - To scope or not to scope by: Simon Tang

Have you ever looked up and wondered what is up there? Maybe take a picture or two.

Astronomy doesn't always have to be about owning a telescope. You can still do a lot with just a pair of binoculars. Even better than that is if you have a camera, you can take some great images of all the different objects in the sky.

I find myself using regular camera lens over a telescope still as I have discovered some of the objects in the sky like the North America Nebula is so big, that using a telescope only results in frustration. Using a "GoTo" system, you slew your telescope round to see nothing but black empty space and maybe a slight whisp of a nebula.

After several attempts I gave up on the idea of doing a mosaic image and decided to just go back to the way I did it before I owned a telescope. Only this time round, I have an Equatorial Mount.

Okay so im cheating a little and not everyone has one of these things. I have proved in the past you can still do things without an EQ mount (it's the short term us Astro Nerds use) as ive imaged the Andromeda Galaxy before without one.

So the question is, what kind of camera am I using? Strangely enough I always tell people to use or buy what they can afford and not look at my setup as the benchmark. If i did that, i'd be purchasing $10,000s worth of equipment and probably get the exact same result without knowing what im getting into.

Here at LGSCV, we've complied a small guide to help everyone on their way to choosing the right camera.

Click to download the PDF

07/17/2016 - PBS Crash Course by: Simon Tang


PBS and Crash Course got together and created a series on Astronomy for the web. This particular episode talks specifically about telescopes.

I strongly recommend that you watch the entire series (you can do it in ... more

07/14/2016 - Cup of Tea anyone? by: Simon Tang

The constellation of Sagittarius is rich with interesting objects. Not to mention it is also where a big Black Hole lives! Don't worry, we're not going to be pulled in and even if we are, we wouldn't actually know anything until it's too late!

So what makes this part ... more

07/04/2016 - LGSCV Vasquez Rock Star Party by: Simon Tang

We would like to thank everyone who made the journey to the LGSCV Vasquez Rocks Star Party on July 2nd 2016. This year we had an even bigger turn out as the 3 visible planets stood out to a crowd of ... more

06/30/2016 - Vasquez Rock Star Party by: Simon Tang

Star Party

Saturday, July 2, 2016 will be the Local Group of Santa Clarita Valley’s quarterly Star Party at Vasquez Rocks. Everyone is invited to view the heavens with us and the event is ... more