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What's Up November 2018
November Monthly Club Meeting Preview, October Events Review: Vasquez Rocks Star Party, October Monthly Club Meeting, College of the Canyons Fall Star Party, Monolux Elementary School Outreach Program. Educational: Astronomy Quiz, NASA Night Sky Network "November's Dance of the Planets, Space News: NASA Aircraft Just Broke the Record for Closest Approach to the Sun. November Calendar of Events
What's Up October 2018
October Club Meeting Preview, September Event Review: White Mountains Campout, Owens Valley Radio Telescope Observatory Tour, September Club Meeting Review, Sidewalk Astronomy at Valencia Mall, October Staff Meeting. Educational Articles: Cool Facts About the Universe, Space News. October Calendar of Events
What's Up September 2018
September Monthly Club Meeting Preview, Board Election Results, August Board/Staff Meeting Summary Astronomy Quiz, What's Cool in the Universe, NASA Space Place Article, September Calendar of Events
What's Up August 2018
August Meeting Preview, July Event Reviews: Vasquez Rocks Star Party, Astrofest, COSPAR, July Staff Meeting, Astronomy Quiz, NASA Space Place Article on Mars, Space News, August Calendar of Events
What's Up July 2018
June Meeting Summary, White Mountains Campout Review, Astronomy at the Mall Review, Great American Campout Review, Space Place Article on Mars Opposition in July-August, Jun Staff Meeting Summary, Astronomy Quiz, July Calendar of Events
What's Up June 2018
June club meeting invitation, May club event reviews monthly club meeting, Chuchupate club observing review, May staff meeting. Astronomy Quiz, NASA Space Place article on asteroids, Space News, July club event calendar
What's Up May 2018
May Monthly Meeting Preview, April CLub Event Reviews: Monthly CLub Meeting, Vasquez Rocks Star Party, SCVI Charter School Outreach, Chatsworth Elementary Outreach, West Ranch High School Outreach at Castaic Sports Complex, COC Canyon Country Star Party, COC Valencia Maker Science Event, Vasquez Rocks Open House, April Board/Staff Meeting. Preview: Mt. Wilson Observatory Events. Astronomy Quiz, NASA Space Place, Space news, May Calendar of Events
What's Up April 2018
April Club Meeting Preview, Havenhurst Foursquare Church outreach program, Some Local Group Club History (Photo from 1988 visit to Lowell Observatory) April staff meeting, Space News, April Calendar of Events
What's Up March 2018
March Monthly Club meeting preview, Review of February Club Events, February Staff Meeting Summary, Educational Corner: "Canis Major" Poem by Robert Frost, Space Place Article, Space News, March Calendar of Events
What's Up February 2018
February Monthly Club Meeting Preview, Review of January Club Meeting, Vasquez Rocks Star Party, Temple Beth Ami Astronomy Night Event, Vasquez Rocks Public Star Party, School Outreach Programs, February Staff Meeting Summary, January 31 Total Lunar Eclipse + Blue Moon + Supermoon Event, NASA Space Place Article, February Calendar of Events
What's Up January 2018
January 2018 Club Meeting Preview, Review of End of Year Celebration, Cool Facts about the Universe, Space Place article on Gravitational Waves, January 2018 Calendar of Events
What's Up December 2017
End-of-Year Party, November Club Event Reviews: Monthly Meeting, Cub Scout Program in Santa Paula, School Outreach Programs: Academy of Enriched Sciences, Chichita Elementary School, November Staff Meeting. Some Very Cool Facts About the Universe, NASA SPACE PLACE article on Exoplanets, December Calendar of Events
What's Up November 2017
November Club Meeting Preview, Review of October Events: October Club Meeting, Vasquez Rocks Star Party, Plainview Elementary Outreach Program, College of the Canyons Star Party, October Board and Staff Meeting. Features: Some Very Cool Facts About the Universe, NASA Space Place Article - "Spooky in Space - NASA Images for Halloween", Space News. Calendar of Events - November 2017
What's Up September 2017
September Club Meeting Preview, August Club Meeting Summary, Election Results, Great American Eclipse Observations/Photos, Space News, September Calendar of Events
What's Up August 2017
August Monthly Club Meeting Review. July Club Event Reviews: July Club Meeting, Vasquez Rocks Star Party, Chuchupate Club Viewing, August Staff Meeting. Space News. August Calendar of Events
What's Up July 2017
July Monthly Meeting Preview, Tribute to Jim Van Winkle, June Club Event Review (Castlebay Elementary Outreach, Sidewalk Astronomy at the Mall, Great American Campout, June Monthly Meeting. June Staff Meeting Summary, Historical Note, Space News, July Calendar of Events
What's Up June 2017
June Monthly Meeting Preview, May Club Events: Monlux Elementary Outreach, COC Star Party, Placerita Open House, May Club Meeting, May Staff Meeting. Mt. Wilson visit opportunity, Historical Note, Space News, June Calendar of Events
What's Up May 2017
May Monthly Club Meeting Preview, April Club Event Reviews: April Club Meeting, White Mountains Spring Campout, Vasquex Rocks Community Day, Vasquez Rocks Star Party, April Board and Staff Meeting. Historical Notes, Space News, Calendar of Events for May.
What's Up April 2017
April Meeting Program, March Outreach Reviews, March Monthly Club Meeting Summary, March Staff Meeting Summary, Space News, Upcoming Calendar of Events
What's Up March, 2017
Activities, meetings, upcoming events and Space News.
What's Up February 2017
February Monthly Club Meeting Program, January Club Meeting Review, Tarzana Elementary Outreach Program Review, Vasquez Rocks Star Party Review, January Staff Meeting Summary, Space News, February Calendar of Events
What's Up January 2017
New Years Reflection - Looking Back on 2016, Images of a Great Year, January Events, Space News, Directions to Observing Sites, January Event Calendar
What's Up December 2016
January 2017 Club Meeting Program, End-Of-Year Club Party highlights, November Club meeting summary, Cub Scout Pack 40 Outing summary, November Staff Meeting recap, Upcoming January star parties - Valencia Mall, Vasquez Rocks. A Journey Through the Year, Space News, January Event Calendar
What's Up November 2016
November Monthly Meeting - program on constellations and "Introduction to Telescopes", review of October star parties at Vasquez Rocks and College of the Canyons, October club meeting summary, member review of Dobsonian telescopes, Space News, November event calendar.
What's Up October 2016
October Monthly Meeting Program, Recent Club events (Joint Outreach with LA Astronomical Society at Marine Mammal Care Center, Canoga Park Elementary Outreach, Westfield Mall Star Party, September Club Meeting), September Board/Staff meeting, Telescope Reviews, Challenge Corner
What's Up September 2016
September Monthly Meeting, August events, August Club Meeting, Board member election results, August Staff Meeting, Upcoming Events, Space News, Challenge Corner, September Calendar of Events
What's Up August 2016
August Monthly Meeting Program, July Events: Vasquez Rocks Star Party, White Mountains Campout, July Club Meeting Recap, July Staff Meeting Summary, Upcoming Club Events, August Calendar of Events
What's Up - July 2016
July Meeting Program - Scheduled for July 22, The Great American Campout, June Club Meeting Summary, June Staff Meeting Summary, Challenge Corner, Space News, Did you Know...White Mountains Campout, July Calendar of Events
What's Up May 2016
May Star Party at COC, Placerita CanOpen House, Telescope Makers meeting in Big Bear, April Club meeting summary, April Outreach program summaries, Space News
What's Up April 2016
April Club Meeting Program, March Events: Outreach Programs, Valencia Mall Sidewalk Astronomy, Dry Gulch site. Upcoming April/May Events: Vasquez Rocks Star Party, Astronomy Expo. Educational Corner, Space News. March Club Meeting Summary, March Board/Staff Meeting.
What's Up March 2016
March Monthly Club Meeting Program, February events, Upcoming Club Events, Space News, Challenge Corner
What's Up February 2016
Monthly Club Meeting, Education Corner, Challenge Corner, Monthly Staff Meeting, Items for Sale, food donation request
What's Up January 2016
January Monthly Club Meeting Program, Education Corner, Side Walk Astronomy, New Viewing Site – Dry Gulch, December Monthly Meeting Summary, Educational Corner: Saturn, Lord of the Rings, Space Clip News, Glenn’s Driveway Astronomy: Our Sun, Calendar of Upcoming Events
What's Up - December 2015
December Club Meeting Program, End-of-Year Party review, Mt. Wilson Observatory club outing review, Academy for Enriched Sciences Outreach Review
November What's Up
October Club Meeting Summary, October Staff Meeting Summary, COC Star Party Review, Astronomy Day Review, Mt. Wilson outing plans, Year-end LGSCV Party Plans
What's Up August 2015
Voting, Mt Wilson, Staff Meeting, Challenge Corner, Pizza Night at Vasquez, Wow Moment, Mercury, Pluto
What's Up February 2015
Honoring John Dobson, Vasquez Rocks Event 2015, Comet Lovejoy, R Geminorum, The Outer Planet Saturn, Space Facts including Black Holes, Pillars of Creation; Space News
What's Up December 2014
Photoshop award, COC 10th Anniversary, NASA Rocket Project, Club News, Challenge Corner Annual Drawing
What's Up
This is our first newsletter in quite a while and the first one on our new website! It contains many articles from a member profile of Mark Gordon to some fantastic articles on astro-photography.