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Event Name:
Club Observing - cancelled
02/21/2015 05:00 PM PST
02/21/2015 11:59 PM PST
Chuchupate Ranger Station
34580 Lockwood Valley Rd., Frazier Park, CA 93225

Our regular club observing gathering up near Lockwood Valley.

Sundown scheduled for 5:45, Moonset scheduled for 9:16.

This is a tough one to call. Of the four weather services I’ve consulted I’m getting varied forecasts from clear to 50% cloud cover. Wind seems to vary between 10-25 mph. Some even say things like clear with a 20% chance of rain and snow. ??? All of them agree that there is big storm moving in on Sunday but not sure about what time.

My feeling is that if we go we will likely be chasing sucker holes all night and may even get wet. Or a miracle will occur like last night and it’ll be a great evening.

Given the time and gas required for this event I’m going to call it off officially however since this is an informal gathering anyway it’s up to each of you to make your own call.

There will be other nights.


Location Info:

Located up the hill from the Chuchupate Ranger Station off Frazier Mountain Road (FS 8N04).


Take Interstate-5 North beyond Castaic about 35 miles to Frazier Mountain Road exit. Go west, passing Frazier Park, until you come to a 4 way stop with a flashing red light. Continue straight ahead for several more miles until you come to an intersection with a Market/Liquor store on the corner of Lockwood Valley Road, turn left. Continue for about 3 miles until you see a small sign "Chuchupate Ranger Station", turn left. The speed limit on this road is 20 mph. Drive through the Ranger Camp, for about 1/8 mile until you see a sign "Trail Head" and make a right turn into the parking lot. Bring your own food and water. Dress for the weather — it can get cold even in the summer months. Cell phones do not work here, some are able to send and receive text messages and sometimes, you can connect to the WiFi connection which bleeds over from the ranger station. There are restrooms but no running water.

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